GIE FEAS Program

The Girls in Engineering Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (GIE FEAS) Program is a new alternate pathway program for female-identifying high school students in Year 11 and 12 (school year 2022) who will be applying for an eligible engineering degree at UNSW Sydney and expecting an ATAR within the FEAS eligibility* range.

If you're a student who wants to make a difference in the world, has an interest in helping others and would love to learn how engineering can solve problems in disadvantaged communities, then this program is for you!

If you are a student in Years 7 to 10 (school year 2022), you can still register for the program however you will not be able to commence the program until you are in Year 11. You will be alerted by email when you become eligible for the program.

Please note you must be a member of the GIE Club to participate in the GIE FEAS Program.

If you are a current Year 12 student, please be advised that the program is full for 2022, however you can apply for FEAS through the UNSW Portfolio Entry page when applications open in September.

*Most FEAS degrees require a minimum ATAR (+ UNSW ACCESS, if applicable) of 83.00. 

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